Compliance consultant based in Sussex providing risk management services to professional and financial services firms in connection with FCA authorisation, DPB authorisation and ISO standards.

My driving philosophy is that while external regulations must be satisfied, it is a mistake to be driven by them. Instead firms should start by looking at the characteristics of their business and ask "What are we already doing that could satisfy the rule?" and "What would be useful for us as a business?"

Analysing the business and then mapping onto the requirements will produce solutions that make sense for you and are efficient and effective.



"I've had the privilege of working with Malcolm Lee for 10 years in the areas of quality and compliance. A consummate professional, Malcolm is easy to work with, tenaciously diligent, and hugely collaborative. He understands quality and compliance issues at a deep level and brings decades of hands-on experience, including working directly with regulators, to every situation. His congenial manner disarms confrontation and creates an atmosphere for progressive problem-solving and results. Working with Malcolm is always a pleasure, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for in-depth expertise in the areas of compliance and quality."


Doug Taylor

Global Director of Enterprise Risk Management Towers Watson (retired)



"Malcolm has an excellent understanding of risk and compliance and fashions solutions which meet both regulatory and business needs. With a calm, considered style Malcolm listens well to all stakeholders and follows through with strong delivery of practical, commercial and compliant solutions. A valued and trusted advisor."


Simon Callander

Former General Counsel of Watson Wyatt Europe



"Malcolm was known to me prior to joining Towers Watson, and this was a contributing factor for me deciding to join. Since then I have had the pleasure of working with him for many years. He has tremendous ability to establish workable solutions in a highly complex global business, using his deep knowledge of risk, financial regulatory compliance and ISO certifications. Very much the go-to person for wise counsel on all things ‘risk-related’."


Robert Sangster

Professional Excellence Manager for the Americas, Towers Watson