Compliance consultant based in Sussex providing risk management services to professional and financial services firms in connection with FCA authorisation, DPB authorisation and ISO standards.

My driving philosophy is that while external regulations must be satisfied, it is a mistake to be driven by them. Instead firms should start by looking at the characteristics of their business and ask "What are we already doing that could satisfy the rule?" and "What would be useful for us as a business?"

Analysing the business and then mapping onto the requirements will produce solutions that make sense for you and are efficient and effective.

Privacy Policy


At Malcolm Lee Consulting Limited we are committed to protecting and preserving your privacy.

While our work is to provide advice to organisations, we couldn't do that work without talking to individuals and so we need to have individual contact details. We also have contact details for our suppliers and for those that use the Contact form on our website. As we can't do our work without contacting individuals, the legal reason for having that contact data is 'legitimate interest'.

Typically the contact details we have for you include your name, work email, work phone number(s) and office address. Either you or your colleagues give us that information or we get it from the contact section of your organisation's website.

We don't share your personal data with anyone else.

Our email account is provided by a global organisation which may choose to store email information outside the EAA. They have committed to providing the same level of protection wherever the data is stored.

As our business has all been gained through personal recommendation we haven't needed to send out any marketing communications. If in the future we feel the need to send out marketing then we will do so in a way that respects your rights and preferences.

We will keep your personal data only for as long as we need it, or as otherwise prescribed by law, as part of the records of our work for clients.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our use of your personal data or want to see a copy of your data, please let us know. You can contact the Data Controller, Malcolm Lee Consulting Limited, by email on